The Toscanalyzer Team:

Frank makes music since several years in various setups. He clearly made the transition from the analogue to the digital world when it comes to recording, mixing and mastering. But there is always the question: Can i see what i hear?. He wanted to demystify the "Voodoo" stuff during the different music production stages and started to write his own tools to cope with this challenge. The idea was born.

Thomas has more or less the same musical background as Frank. He makes music since ages, but mainly in the digital world. He is clearly more in the "Voodoo" stuff due to his job as producer of various artists. During many mixing and mastering sessions he had following dialogue very often with Frank:

Frank: Hey, here is me latest tune, just listen.
Thomas: Well done, but you need to add some air here, and i hear a crackle there.
Frank: i don't hear it, can you show me?
Thomas: Just open tool A and look at the spectrum, it should look like this ... and start tool b and check if there is an over or something else ..
Frank: And how can i fix it?