Toscanalyzer is an rich audio - analysis tool for mixing, mastering, music - production and the "audiophile" enthusiasts.

Toscanalyzer connects your ears with your eyes and you will see things you might not have noticed before. Watch the pros on the fingers!

Product features

  • Identification of problems in digitally stored music mainly in the range of mixing and mastering.
  • Analysis and comparison of music and / or music albums with a compact representation of important characteristics.
  • Guidance and assistance for the sustainable improvement of the material.

Who could use Toscanalyzer

  • Amateur and semi-professional musicians, who want to improve clearly the quality of their work
  • In all areas of audio / music - production, for quality assurance and assessment.
  • All music / audio - interested


Product features in details


  • Visualization of Audio / Music - Productions
  • Stable and cross-platform application with Java
  • Installation packages for MS Windows, MacOS and Linx
  • Support for Wave and MP3 formats


  • Project window displaying individual tracks or album, with direct access to preview or analysis
  • Insert, Play, and export of cue points
  • Export all or selected parts of the album as an audio file

Automatic Reports

  • "Key Value" - report on all tracks with all important parameters at a glance.
  • Exportable reference data sets for later comparison.
  • Visual comparison of the characteristics to reference data set or to standard data set
  • Spectral comparison of the characteristics of all tracks.

A/B Comparision

  • Comparison of any two audio files
  • Direct comparison of PCM wave data
  • Visual representation of the gain curve
  • Spectral comparison including deviation curve


  • Analysis of whole tracks or selected sections.
  • Scalable representation of the PCM wave data with overview window
  • Marking of over's
  • Display of the RMS, Peak level, average RMS and average of peak level, measured values ​​are displayed graphically and numerically.
  • K-System meter readings by Bob Katz (Boradcast, Music, Theatre)
  • Frequency band analysis on 4 bands and sub-band.
  • Frequency band distribution in stereo space
  • Power distribution across stereo space and deviation
  • Representation of spectrum with frequency and tonal scaling, smoothing functions for removing visual tonal information
  • Musical Analysis to determine the key


  • Context sensitive help, always up to date over the  Internet
  • Reference to important terms
  • Assistance in the most important problems of the audio / music - production
  • Instructions and sample applications